Polaroid Diary
Digital Prints on Polaroid

From my earliest memories, photography has held a special place in my heart. This lifelong passion began during my childhood when my mother would immortalize our family moments on Polaroid film. Sitting alongside with my mom, we would bond over these captured memories, laughing, reminiscing, and occasionally shedding a tear. Inspired by this profound connection, I became determined to preserve moments and emotions, much like my mother. The culmination of this journey is my latest project, Polaroid Diary, a profoundly personal exploration that navigates themes of love, harmony, and the interconnectedness of memories and experiences in our rapidly evolving world.

The formal approach of my project involves capturing daily photos and editing them with Chinese and English characters, as well as poems that I compose to reflect my understanding of love and connection. I then print the edited digital images onto Polaroid film using a combination of collage, handwritten notes, and other techniques, intertwining my self-authored poems, and weaving a visual narrative that delves into the intricate nature of these connections. My goal for the final product is to create a visually powerful and emotionally resonant experience for the viewer by incorporating Chinese Cultural Revolution propaganda-like visual elements. By blending this cultural and historical background with reflections on modern society and its impact on individuals, the visual effect becomes more impactful and deeply connected to my personal experience, while "emotionally impactful" refers to the ability of the artwork to evoke strong emotions, such as nostalgia and a longing for deeper connections.

Challenging traditional boundaries, my creative process transforms Polaroid photography by incorporating Language Characters and other techniques. In my project, I adopt a similar strategy by combining Polaroid images with Chinese and English characters and my self-authored poems. This fusion of visual and textual elements adds depth to the narrative and invites viewers to engage more actively with the artwork and reflect on their own experiences of love and connection.

Polaroid Diary also functions as a tool for self-examination and reflection, deepening my sense of intimacy and connection with the natural world. As an individual with diverse cultural backgrounds, I employ art as a bridge to connect people across boundaries and cultures. This intention materializes in using Chinese characters to celebrate my rich cultural heritage and English text to represent the global reach of my artistic expression. Incorporating these languages adds depth to the visual storytelling, inviting viewers to explore and appreciate the beauty of diverse cultures.

By incorporating elements from my diverse cultural backgrounds, I hope to create a dialogue between my personal experiences and the broader context in which we all live. This project invites viewers to engage with these universal themes and consider the ways in which our own lives are interconnected with those around us, as well as the tense social environments and power dynamics in which we live. We often talk about what romance is. The idea of present life directly interprets The conceptual connection between photography and the text’s physicality. In the modern sense of authenticity, to make "present" as a concept, the image as a carrier medium and the connection of the text, whether the text can be an image, or graphic text. The meaning of Chinese characters is likely representing a power, a power to cure, a power to think critically. I want to give the audience a personal emotional expression of resonance, because we are not alone.

This project is a testament to my ongoing exploration of identity, culture, and the human experience. Through Polaroid Diary, I aim to capture fleeting moments and celebrate the beauty of love, connection, and intimacy. By engaging with complex emotions and fostering a sense of empathy and compassion, the project encourages viewers to reflect on their own experiences. Additionally, it seeks to address critical questions, such as how art can deepen our sense of intimacy with the natural world and the role this intimacy plays in shaping our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.

The ever-increasing pace of our modern lives, coupled with technology and social media distractions, can often leave us feeling disconnected. Polaroid Diary is a visual reminder of the importance of love and connection in our lives. By capturing intimate moments and memories on Polaroid, the project aims to foster an appreciation for the beauty of human connection, transcending the limitations of our digital age.

I am deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally expected from Polaroid photography. Art has the power to challenge our perceptions and expand our understanding of the world. Through Polaroid Diary, I want to create a body of beautiful and thought-provoking work that encourages viewers to reflect on their own experiences of love, connection, and the passage of time. Art can connect us, help us understand ourselves and each other, and deepen our sense of empathy and compassion. With Polaroid Diary, I want to contribute to this ongoing conversation and share my vision of being human in our rapidly changing world. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue this project and share my work with the world, and I eagerly anticipate where this journey will take me in the future.